Hair Tips To Guide You This Festive Season

Tips to help you take care of that beautiful hair this festive season.

Squeeze-dry your hair

Prevent frizz by using a paper towel to gently wring water from your strands.

Slip-proof your updo

Spray dry shampoo on a bobby pin before sliding it into an updo.

yah9ja hair tips

Tend to your scalp, not just your strands

If your hair is misbehaving, maybe the problem is product buildup on your scalp—something clarifying shampoo won’t sufficiently cleanse. The result? Clogged hair follicles, weakened strands and possibly slowed hair growth.

Shield your locks from harsh shower water

The water you wash your hair with may contain chlorine, minerals, even rust from old pipes.

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Wash before you color

It’s a myth that unwashed hair takes dye better than squeaky-clean strands.

yah9ja hair tips

Take care not to over-Atkins your hair

“A deep protein treatment or conditioner [often billed as strengthening on the label] helps reinforce weak hair, but you really only need to apply it every two months”.

Use a toothbrush to fake fuller hair

Never smooth the roots of fine or thin hair while blow-drying, This causes the hair as a whole to collapse and flatten. Instead, tousle the hair from root to crown with your fingertips as you blow-dry. Then, when your strands are dry, give the roots extra lift by back-combing their undersides with a clean, dry toothbrush. Rather than tearing at hair like a comb, the soft bristles will grip and rough up strands just enough to maintain lift.

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Steam-curl your spirals

To create soft, old-Hollywood waves, most professional stylists use a large-barreled curling iron.

yah9ja hair tips

Treat your hair with moist air

We usually think of humidity as hair’s archenemy, but parching-dryness is worse.

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Flatten flyaways fast

Stylists have a dozen tricks to flatten stubborn flyaways. Here, our favorites: Pat them down with a fabric softener sheet, says Richard Marin, Remington’s consulting stylist. Apply lotion to your hands, then, while your palms are tacky, smooth the strands, says Jeffrey Paul, a celebrity stylist. Coax them south by combing them.


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