Hmmm!!! 2016 The Year Of Beef: Paul Okoye Of Psquare Blasts “Blackface” For Calling Psquare “COPYCATS”

The storm started by veteran dancehall singer Blackface over those stealing his songs in which Paul Okoye of Psquare commented on Instagram and termed his accusation cheap publicity is far from being over.

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Blackface is angry with Paul Okoye for taking sides with those that stole his lyrics. In his anger he called the Psquare brothers copy cats. In an interview with HipTV, Blackface explains why he called out the names of people that stole his lyrics and also his anger with Paul Okoye and Psquare. He said: “Is that how they reason? If that is how they reason for sure they cannot be creative…. They just want to be relevant by jumping into business that is not theirs. A copycat will always cover up for a copycat. From day one we know them to be copycats. They got their fame from other peoples’ property. I create, I don’t take.”


Paul Okoye on his own part has said that he never had any problem with anybody. He said: “As a song writer and a producer if I hear people say uch it baffles me that what do you mean that somebody is stealing your lyric. Are you the only one with such words? People should mind what they say. I don’t have issue with anybody; I never mentioned anybody’s name. What I just said was that this music that people say they steal where do they keep them?  Is it not for public consumption?

Will this stop here? Time will tell.

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Dancehall veteran Blackface is at loggerheads with Afro Pop star Wizkid over allegations that the youngster has been “copying his songs” for a long time. He had earlier accused 2baba of stealing the song African Queen from him.

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