Soccer Gist: Gareth Barry Admits Diego Costa Didnt Bite Him

Everton midfielder Gareth Barry has said he was not bitten by Chelsea striker Diego Costa during Saturday’s FA Cup quarter-final.

Barry said:

“Seen a lot of talk about the
incident involving me and Diego Costa in the game last night.
“For the record Diego did not bite me.”

Spain international Costa was sent off after being shown a second yellow card following an altercation with Barry in which he moved his head towards his opponent and appeared to put his mouth on his neck as though he was going to bite him.
However, the striker had been adamant that there was no foul play during the 2-0 defeat at Goodison Park.
Neither of the teams’ managers said they saw the incident but Chelsea interim manager Guus Hiddink joked earlier
that maybe he would go with Costa to see the Hollywood movie Anger Management starring Jack Nicholson Skynews reported.

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