LIFESTYLE: The Thing About G- String, Can Cause Vaginal Infections Doctor Says

G-strings a 21st century underwear for ladies has been stated to cause vaginal infections.

In a recent report by standard media, Dr. Esther Wanjohi who practises at Nairobi Hospital says.

“The string  which passes between the cheeks of the buttocks make it easy for bacteria to move from the alimentary canal to the vagina, the G-string acts like a ladder for germs to climb up to the vagina. This could result into a urinary tract infection (UTI) or candidiasis”
G-strings however have a wide array of benefits the report included which include that they don’t feel bulky, they make a girl look sexy, they don’t make panty lines. If you are a man the G-string has a way of amplifying anticipation in the bedroom too.

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