Woman Votes For Hillary Clinton Before She Dies

Daughter of a 94 year old woman has given account of how mother voted for US Democratic Candidate in the November Presidential Election, Hillary Clinton.


The 94 year old woman Marie Urbanski Whittaker voted through the abseentee voting ballot system.

As according to her daughter:

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“She cast her ballot, I sealed it and drove it to the post office. But even by the time I came back, she was slipping in and out of consciousness, confused, and thinking the election had already happened.”

The 94 year old woman earned a Ph.D in the 50’s in American Literature and lectured in the University of Maine.

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Infuriated by Donald Trunp’s actions and speech, she accused the country of losing its historic nature.

The daughter said she died after she had to lie to her that Hillary Clinton won even as her numbers were positive as that was what she has been waiting for.

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Source: Glamour

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