South Africa’s #FeeMustFall Protesting Students Mourn Death Of Colleaque

Students of Univeristy of Johannesburg yesterday held a vigil for the death of their colleague allegedly killed by a private security guard.

The victim was Kevin Baloyi, a 21 year old BSc computer science and informatics first year student as he was said to be killed by a security guard who was not in uniform.

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The shooting was said to have happened at the private student residence after a noisy end-of-year party.

The students has called for the removal of private security guards in the campus.

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The shooter was reported to have entered the premises along with private security guards.

The gunman is yet to be arrested.

The university’s SRC president, Onwabile Lubhelwana, however said the council would not comment until it had received more information on the shooting.

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