Pope Francis Opens Up On Trump’s Victory “I Don’t Judge Trump, I Worry About Refugees & Immigrants”

Though he insisted on refraining from passing judgment on politicians but opened up that he is concerned on how their decisions affect the poor and excluded.


In a reported interview with an Italian journalist, his Holiness expressed his opinion on the outcome on the US Presidential election which saw Donald Trump(a Republican) declared winner.

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He said:

“I do not pass judgment on people and politicians. I simply want to understand the suffering that their approach causes the poor and excluded,”

“The question of refugees and immigrants. Only a small proportion of them are Christians, but this does not change the situation as far as we are concerned, or their suffering and distress.” attacking Trump’s campaign speech on immigrants and refugees.

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“It is a vicious circle and it must be broken, we must break down the walls that divide us: we must try to increase prosperity and make it more widespread, but to achieve this we need to breakdown walls and build bridges that allow us to reduce inequality and increase freedom and rights.” his Holiness continued.

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“More rights and greater freedom,” He concluded.

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