GIST: Girl Goes Missing Over Whatsapp Feud With Parents

13 year old Sheilla Kagendo was last seen at her parent’s home in Valley View Estate a week ago.


The teenager disappeared from their family house in Nairobi, Kenya midday April 24.

Yah9ja gathered that the mother took her mobile phone because she was spending too much time on whatsapp (a popular mobile chatting app)

Standard media reports that that two months ago the mother had an agreement with her first born child that she would delete her WhatsApp- application in order to concentrate on class work. The mother reckoned that the girl ought to be concentrating on her studies given that she is set to sit for Kenya Certificate of Primary School Education examination this year.

“I had told her to delete WhatsApp but she downloaded it again. I punished her and left but when I came back, she was not in the house. We have not found her to date,”  worried Mrs Mwaniki said.

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A day before she “left”, the family alleged that the girl left a note that read “Thank you mom and dad for raising me well, may Jehova continue to bless you,” she wrote. “But for now, I need to go. I am a big girl and I can take care of myself. Please don’t bother looking for me.” She also apologised to her other three siblings: Jossie, Karimi, Chris and Veronicah saying that she had caused them enough trouble for walking away.

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The girl was said to be last seen wearing a pair of jeans trousers, a pink top with black stripes, an orange jacket and grey rubbers as the mother alleged she carted away with sh 1000 (N3,000).

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